Jackson "Jax" Ridd

"Jackson Ridd blurs the line between what's real and what's in your head." - Portland Press Herald
You can find Jax in Los Angeles as the resident magician on Thursday's at Black Rabbit Rose. He also frequently performs during SoHo House West Hollywood's "Magic Mondays", select performances at Diehl Marcus & Co., and immersive experiences at Sofitel Beverly Hills. He recently spoke at the infamous DEFCON hacking conference, has been featured on international television, and wrote and performed in his award-winning magic film “Rope Trick”.


"...one of the most thought-provoking performances I've seen from a magician." - Life in LA
“…part magic and part mind-trick.” - LA Daily News


Rope Trick

Short Film

"... style and steamy provocativeness... a film with intrigue and elegance." - Largo Film Awards

Rope Trick explores the mind of a young magician captivated by a beautiful and mysterious woman. But who is the real magician? At the heart of this story, the beauty lies in the mystery.

Premiere: Culver City Film Festival Los Angeles

The Woman Illusion

Stage Play

“Mr. Ridd, in suave demeanor and nice suit… manages to steal the show…” - Stan Friedman, Front Row Center

The Woman Illusion is a playful, wicked gallery of ways to be a woman. The cast uses both theatre and sleight-of-hand, by magician Jackson Ridd, to unravel spellbinding everyday acts of femininity.

The setup is as clever, simple & deceptive as the sleights-of-hand wonderfully performed by the evening’s wry & smooth magician, Jackson Ridd. - Rene-Grayre, Show-Score

Premiere: Theater for the New City New York City

Discoverie of Magic

One-Person Show

I love magic shows that actually make you think and Discoverie of Magic does just that. Jackson Ridd presents several illusions and tricks that are thought provoking and leave you wondering for days... - Reviewer, HWFringe

A single mystery can change the world. Every known human advancement has been made as the result of a passion to discover the unknown, to manifest the unreal. Have we ever taken the time to discover what personal mystery drives ourselves? Jackson uses the tools of theatrical magic and the psychology of the unknown to create an experience of magic that truly begins after the curtain call.

Premiere: Hollywood Fringe Festival Hollywood




Selections through the years

Grand Central Terminal | New York City

A one-coin routine for the camera

TEDx Talk

"The Magic Present"